Lucile “Frak” Graciano

Frak by Daniel Pincus/Oliver Page

Lucile Graciano AKA B Girl Frak from Limoges, France, came to New York in 2007 to study dance at Steps on Broadway through the International Student Visa Program. Since the age of seven she was a competitive rhythmic gymnast for Limoges Team which explain her remarkable flexibility.
Frak studied and performed with La Manufacture, a professional dance school in Aurillac, France, directed by American dancer Vendetta Mathea and teaches Pilates.
She has, at a remarkably young age, established herself as one of the genuine hip-hop dancer/bgirl in France.  She was France’s representative at Nike’s “Dance to L.A.” contest in Amsterdam. Lucile has performed at UNESCO’s 50th Anniversary celebration and starred as a dancer in commercials for the likes of Samsung and V8, collaborated with iconic figures like Jay-Z, Kid Cudi, Kevin Porter (Shock-a-lock) and Pop Master Fabel and drawn rave reviews from publications as notable as The Village Voice.

Frak is now working with Decadancetheatre, Nomadic Wax, Phyllis Rose Dance Company and Bar-Top-Bandits which with she tours all over the world.

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