Brooklyn based all female hip-hop crew



“See the Music, Hear the Dance” by Valerie Galdstone, Oct 2013

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“A dance Like Keith Haring come to life” 4/17/12 Read full review HERE


“The tools of hip-hop, which cause a body to break down and build back up again, give the familiar music a playful edge, even though the dancers aren’t playing around.  The seriousness of the proposition is intriguing, as is the way the dancers refuse to mug. Ms. Utah, lean and muscular, uses her shoulders and arms to convey the sweep of the music; the compact Ms. Alfonso, with a flair for speed in low-to-the ground footwork, digs into the faster sections with attack. Since much of the piece is performed in unison, there is a sense of how two very different bodies approach musicality; one shows its curves, the other its angles.”  Read full review HERE  4/8/12

“Decadancetheatre brings hip-hop to the Arsht Center” (Preview Article, Read it Here)

“Decadancetheatre: Brooklyn Breaks at the Arsht” (Preview Article, Read it Here)

“Giving New York Style Hip Hop A Theatrical Twist” (Preview Article,Read it Here)

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 “Eye on Culture” video montage.  Click HERE

“The Deca Crew is a force of talent – One moment they float, fluid as water, moving as ethereal poems. The next, they hit the ground, fearless and strong, determined to feel absolute gravity. Their love of movement and of dance is infectious. The audience was completely spellbound by their abilities and their powerful individual and collective work.”  Read Full Review HERE

“Decadancetheatre’s When The Sky Breaks 3D embodies everything that the New York International Fringe Festival should be. Celebratory and skilled, it is a complete performance”  Read full review Here

“Deacadancetheatre, the ensemble of five young women from Brooklyn, was an eye-opener with its two B girls in “The Cage.” The quintet was pugilistic in attack, managing entrances and exits with a skip. In deliberate mix and mismatch garments, they epitomized current street-smart young girl-women, making a sentimentalist’s heart bleed, if mesmerizing with their speedy skill.” —Renee Renouf, (11/27/10 )Read Full Review Here

“Watch out “So You Think You Can Dance” Decadance is HERE.  A must see!”–Devin Pulls, (7/22/10) Read Full Review HERE
“Jennifer Weber’s Brooklyn-based Decadancetheatre got things off to a promising start. In “The Cage,” a world premiere, the four company members balanced their cohesion as a tightly knit unit against individual strengths. –– Donald Hutera, The London Times (4/7/10) Read Full Review HERE

wgmasthead_455“Their unusual blend of hip hop and ballet was so carefully choreographed, it would makes the likes of J-Lo weep”—Ellie Hargreaves, The Westmorland Gazette (5/10/07)Read Full Review HERE southbend“Decadancetheatre’s performance was engaging, fast-moving, well-danced and fun.” —Karen Rivers, South Bend Tribune (3/7/07)


“Weber managed to bridge some of the gap that occurs when street meets stage. She deftly brings many traditional concert dance steps and structures into a contemporary urban context. She’s got her eye on the big picture, looking to create the proper atmosphere while also offering choreographically complex ballets.”– Maura Nguyen Donohue, The Dance Insider (8/2/06)Read Full Review HERE new yorker logo“The pioneering all-female hip hop group, a fearless coalition of Japanese and American B-girls”—The New Yorker (7/31/06) nytimeslogoMs. Weber is onto something…a performance that is intensely emotional and casually streetwise”—Jennifer Dunning, TheNew York Times (8/23/04) Read Full Review HERE voicelogo“Her leading dancers bring—dare I say?—the feminine mystique to hip-hop. They suspend the expected fierce staccato moves in a matrix of lush fluency and add a dimension of alluring mystery to the form’s conventional tough, streetwise attitude.” Tobi Tobias, The Village Voice  Read Full Review HERE newyorklogo“The all-female cast twitches, jolts, pops-and-locks, and shakes, their bodies in ways superior to that of tech-enhanced Missy Elliott.”—Denise Penny, (8/23/04) Read Full Review HERE

“Weber fills the simple story with incredibly sophisticated movement. Venturing beyond the lock-and-pop of the standard music video, Weber creates variety and delineates character by adding ballet, modern, and jazz moves into the mix. She also finds in hip-hop hand gestures the perfect update for the pantomime of classical dance.”—Tim Cusack, (8/21/04)

“An hour long explosion of tight ballet movements mixed with street credible breakdancing and poplocking” — Jimmie Briggs, NY Amsterdam News (8/04)

It was the arrival into the artistic/dance world of techno/hip-hop/house/whatevah as personified by Atsushi Suzuki and a troupe called Decadance.  They had beats, bass, baggy clothes and funky moves and they were damn good.  Suddenly modern dance felt really old.  A new wave had crested, the kids were up off the floor and in your face, Martha Graham turned around and looked the other way.  Is that a good thing or a bad thing? I don’t know, but it’s something.”–Travis Baker, This Week in Theater (2/04)

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