Brooklyn based all female hip-hop crew


For a List of Recent Workshops: Click HERE

Please Note: all workshops are availble for at beginner, intermediate or advanced level

“mixed” level classes are also available

Workshops generally last 90 minutes and are suitable for any age group

We are happy to work with you to tailor any workshop to fit you needs, please inquire for details

DECA Workshops Descriptions:

Hip-Hop 101:  Journey through time and experience the evolution of hip-hop from its old school social dance roots to the contemporary phenomenon of commercial choreography that hip-hop has become.  This class shows the links between old skool and new skool hip-hop while focusing on technique, attitude and style.

Beyond the Music Video: Hip-Hop as Concert Dance: Our most popular workshop teaches students how to translate hip-hop choreography into a theatrical experience.  Breaking out of the commercial dance mold, Deca shows how hip-hop can be used as a complex visual language.

Take it to the Stage, Performance Workshop:  This workshop, best suited for longer residencies focuses on stage presence, confidence and commanding the audience.

Hip-Hop: Text and Movement:  Fusing rhyme and rhythm, participants work on both voice and movement to feel the power of expression in more than one dimension—giving dancers the opportunity to speak with their voice and poets the opportunity to speak with their bodies, everyone can learn.

Bboy/Bgirl Fundamentals: Uprocks, toprocks, downrocks, cc’s, six-step, four-step, baby freeze Get to know the basic moves so you can get down in a cipher.  DECA will show you how to get down and also explain the cultural history of breaking.

Hip Hop Technique: You pick the style (choose from NuStyle, House, Locking, Popping, Commercial Hip Hop or Experimental Fusion) and DECA will show you the foundation movements of that style and the how to create exciting choreography in that dance style!

Original Choreography:  DECA can create an original piece of choreography, or set a section of company rep on your students.  Please inquire for more details.

DECA In the Classroom:

DECA’s informative lecture/discussions can include film clips, power point presentations and short dance performances by the company.  These workshops can be tailored to fit any age, level or class size.

History of Hip-Hop

This discussion explains the roots of hip-hop’s four elements—Djing, MCing, Graffiti and B-boying (breakdance).  We will look at the simultaneous development of hip-hop on both the East and West coasts, and the social climate that gave birth to the global hip-hop revolution.  The role of the media in spreading hip-hop culture as well as the question of the legitimacy commercial rap industry will be examined. 

Women in Hip-Hop

What unique battles have women faced in proving themselves as top hip-hop artists?  This lecture will highlight the careers of successful women in all areas of hip-hop, form old skool pioneers including graffiti artist Lady Pink, DJ Kuttin Kandy, and B Girl Baby Love.  We examine the role of women in hip-hop and ask ourselves what does it mean to be a woman in hip-hop today?

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