Brooklyn based all female hip-hop crew

Georgina Philp

Geogina is a Berlin-based dancer.  Her recent credits include: Lena Mayer Landrut, Unser Song für Deutschland 2011/Deutschland Tour 2011/Eurovisonsong Contest 2011, Jan Delay, Wetten Das 2010 / Musicvideo zu Oh Jhonny / Musikvideo zu Disco, Madcon, Swr3 New Pop Festival 2010 / Musikvideo Hell ova night, Viva Dancestar 2008 Gewinner, Red Bull Live Tour, Breitling Show Basel 2010/2011/2012, Volksführsorge Jahresauftakt Tagung 2011, IAA Volkswagen Pressekonferenz 2010/2011, P&C Boutique Night 2011, Eurobike Fashion show 2011, Choreography/Coaching for Eastpack/Gangway Fashion Show Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Berlin 2009



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Press Quotes

"The pioneering all female hip-hop group, a fearless coalition of b-girls"
The New Yorker

“Jennifer Weber’s Brooklyn-based Decadancetheatre got things off to a promising start. In The Cage, a world premiere, the four company members balanced their cohesion as a tightly knit unit against individual strengths.”
--Donald Huerta
The London Times

"Ms. Weber is onto something…a performance that is intensely emotional and casually streetwise”
—Jennifer Dunning
The New York Times

“Her leading dancers bring—dare I say?—the feminine mystique to hip-hop. They suspend the expected fierce staccato moves in a matrix of lush fluency and add a dimension of alluring mystery to the form's conventional tough, streetwise attitude.”
--Tobi Tobias,
The Village Voice

“Their unusual blend of hip hop and ballet was so carefully choreographed, it would makes the likes of J-Lo weep”
—Ellie Hargreaves,
The Westmorland Gazette (UK)


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